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 The deepest craving in most people is to be treated with relevance and significance by those around them. However, this is hardly the case unless we understand the reason and purpose for our existence. This is because, how other people treat us is usually in response to how we treat ourselves. On the other hand, how we treat ourselves depends on how we perceive ourselves. If people treat you like a failure, it is most probably because you acted like one. In other words, you might be sending the wrong signals!  

The good news, however, is, no one is a biological accident! Neither is anyone a ‘second-class’ human being. We all are unique, predestined and neatly packaged with dynamic abilities― abilities that can revolutionise the lives of the many people who interact with us. Unfortunately, our failures are a product of our perceptions. 

The world is anxiously waiting for you to arise and use what lies within you to fulfil your divine purpose. You are a treasure house! You cannot therefore justify your failure to realise your God-given dreams. Probably, no one may have told you that, where there is treasure, excavation is necessary. It is therefore up to you to wade through the many obstacles in your life in search of the treasure buried deep within you. Success is definitely your portion. 

ARISE AFRICA, is a power-packed book that does not only inspire you to live to your fullest potential, but also equips you with the essential tools to excavate your success from the rubbles of your past failures and calamities. As you carefully read this life-transforming motivational book, you will appreciate that you were created for nothing less than successful living. Never again will you walk into and out of other people’s lives without leaving footprints. You will begin to live a relevant and fruitful life.

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