Let us arise and save our nation Kenya

13 November, 2009

Today, after many years of social, political and economic suppression in Kenya, our dawn is imminent. More than 46 years have passed since our beloved people found themselves between the promise of a great nation and the fulfilment of that promise. The road has been narrow and long, and the climb has been steep; thousands of kilometres have been travelled, yet not much has been achieved. Many have made futile attempts to complete the journey, while some are still heaving under the stresses and pressures of being a Kenyan. Because of our present and past experiences, we have to decide that change must become a reality in our great nation.

Because of you, we can push back the frontiers of discrimination, poverty and corruption that have for long been haunting our motherland. You give us the tenacity to get out of bed every morning and glare at the rising sun with a new hope and boldness, knowing that though our weeping may have endured for a night, joy will definitely come in the morning. Because you have been searching endlessly for the day transformation will be a reality, and you chose not to listen to your doubts, fears or dismays; because you have allowed your greatest hopes and highest aspirations to be reignited after many years of false starts, this marks the beginning of a historic journey— a journey that will usher in a new and better Kenya. Because of you, we can boldly stand and say transformation is knocking at Kenya’s door.

Many Kenyans have been hoping for better lives from the time they were born, yet they are nowhere close to their dreams and aspirations. There are many Kenyans who were born in poverty, grew up in poverty and died in poverty, not because they were not hardworking or talented, but because they were denied the opportunities they deserved. They deserved to succeed, but were denied the means to succeed. We definitely owe our children a great future. All of us must consciously choose to support genuine transformation.

As a Kenyan, I have a dream that one day the success and prosperity of our children will be determined, not by their social status or the tribe in which they belong, but by merit. This will not happen because of some political pressure from the west, or because of desperation emanating from the political class within our borders, but because you have discovered that you cannot keep doing what you have been doing and expect a different result.

For all those who believe in this transformation we say, let us begin the journey together. Let us work together, unite in common effort and chart a new future for Kenya. Kenya belongs to all who live in it, regardless of their colour, tribe, political or other social inclination.  This great nation belongs to us. We may choose to call ourselves whatever we want to, but first, we are Kenyans. We are always Kenyans first.

Fellow young Kenyan’s, this is our moment; this is our time— our moment to turn the pages of the past, our time to bring new energy and new ideas to the challenges we face, our time to offer a new direction to this great nation that we love.

Remember, the journey will be long and the climb will be steep, but one thing I guarantee so boldly, we will definitely make it. We have what it takes to bring the transformation we have so desired. We may have to endure hardships; we may have to endure ridicule and contempt; we may have to endure chastisement from anti-reformists; but if that is the price tag for the transformation we anxiously desire and genuinely deserve, we are very willing to pay the full price. If we are willing to believe in durable change, work for it, pay for it and pray for it, we are confident about one thing: that a few years down the road we will look over our shoulders and pat our backs for our achievements. We have a secure place in the future.

God bless you, and may God bless our great nation Kenya.     


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