About Dr. Mbondenyi

Dr. Morris Kiwinda Mbondenyi, the second-last son of the late Mr. Lewis Righa Mbondenyi and Mrs. Lenah Nakijwa Mbondenyi, was born in Mombasa, Kenya, on April 18, 1978. Since his childhood, Kiwinda committed himself to embracing the values of hard work, integrity, personal sacrifice and service to humanity. These fundamental values have been pillars of strength in his professional, spiritual and secular life.

His strong Christian background has taught him to appreciate people as God’s valuable treasures, regardless of their race, tribe, gender or social status. To him, all people are born equal and have inherent rights and freedoms, which they are entitled to enjoy. 


His, is a story of  an ordinary Kenyan― born and raised in a humble background, regarding hard work and education as the means of getting ahead in life, and convinced that a life worth living is that lived in service of humanity.

To him, changing the world is not about creating institutions with fancy infrastructure and names, but is about doing small actions of courtesy. He credits his moral values to the influence of his nucleus family and his strong Christian beliefs. From his childhood, his relatives and neighbours noticed there was something unique buried inside of him.  

Early childhood and Academic life

Dr. Mbondenyi’s long academic and career journey began in 1984, at Meadows nursery school in Kenya, where he was popularly known as ‘the timid little boy’. He then went uphill through Ganjoni Primary school (1985-1992) and further up to Moi High School-Kabarak (1992-1996).

Before he could fully figure out who he really was, it was time for him to leave high school and join Moi University for his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) studies, which he completed in 2003. Definitely, he did not intend to remain an ‘academic bachelor’, so he traversed the vast African continent, in pursuit of more knowledge, all the way to the southern hemisphere for his Master of Laws (LLM) and later, Doctor of Laws (LLD) degrees. Both postgraduate degrees were completed at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

Dr. Mbondenyi’s undergraduate and postgraduate experiences taught him to respect and value other people’s fundamental rights, freedoms and justice. Through such experiences, he has emerged as a strong, non-violent advocate of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The memory of the many experiences Dr. Mbondenyi had in all the academic institutions he went through, and the people he brushed shoulders with, causes a fountain of joy to spring in his heart. Although the academic journey was an uphill task, the unswerving support and encouragement of his family, relatives and friends kept him on course. All the schools he attended from his childhood scribbled in him one indelible message: “Morris, you are destined to succeed in life, so never give up the pursuit!” This message has indeed kept him going against all odds. Experience has taught him to appreciate all the people God brings in his life.  

Of great significance to Dr. Mbondenyi’s academic and career success is his late father, Lewis Righa Mbondenyi, who desired to, but unfortunately did not, see the end of his son’s academic journey. Dr. Mbondenyi attributes a great deal of his success to his father’s input, who did not spare anything to support, care, nurture and educate him. His father’s demise just after the completion of his LLB degree was indeed a great setback, yet it did not deter him from fulfilling the dream of becoming an ‘academic giant’.

Likewise, Dr. Mbondenyi’s mother, Mrs. Lenah Nakijwa Mbondenyi, stood by his late father to ensure his success. Mrs. Mbondenyi stood her ground in good and bad times; in season and out of season, to support her son throughout his long laborious academic journey.  

Career and Spiritual life

As a lawyer, Dr. Mbondenyi has experience in research, teaching and consulting. He has consulted with, researched and worked for a number of organisations, including the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (UN-ICTR), where he served as a legal researcher in 2007. He has contributed to academia through publishing in accredited academic journals and presentation of papers in both local and international conferences. His main area of legal expertise is international human rights law, though he also has keen interest in international law, constitutional law, international criminal law and international humanitarian law. As a legal expert, he is a member of numerous professional organisations across the globe.

When he is not involved in matters related to his career, Dr. Mbondenyi spends his time building the lives of other people through ministering the Word of God. Being a deacon at Belgravia Full Gospel Church of God, in Johannesburg, South Africa, he feels duty-bound to enrich his fellow believers spiritually. Serving God has been one of his greatest passions since he was born-again on December 1, 1996. Through such engagements, God has used him to transform many people’s lives in many different ways and places. He also ministers in song and music as part of his devotion to God’s Kingdom. He is also a motivational speaker.


Dr. Mbondenyi’s vision is to bring positive transformation to humanity by being a positive influence, changing one person at a time. He strongly believes, social transformation does not begin with masses, but rather with an individual. 

Mission statement

“Partnering with like-minded people in serving humanity; reaching out from person to person.” 


 * Active and dynamic

* Decisive

* Strong-willed

* Diplomatic

* Consoling

* Ambitious

* Friendly and likes to solve people's problems

* Brave and fearless

* Adventurous

* Loving and caring

* Suave and generous

* Emotional

* Motivational 

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